Monday, May 11, 2015

Reflection Blog Post

20 Time was definitely a new experience. I have never had a class where an entire day in class is devoted to doing what ever you feel is important. That is very dependent on yourself and self-motivation. That was the problem with this project. I don't think that I did enough with this project this year to say I had a great experience. I feel like I blew an opportunity to really done something amazing or tried to do something new. Part of the reason for this was I never came up with a really good idea. It took me about a month over the limit to come up with an idea. I don't think I ever really took it seriously , and my enthusiasm never really grew. I'm going to go month by month and list what I actually did over the year.

September-Started to think about an idea

October-Continued to think about that idea

November-Still nothing

December-Thought of an idea and tried it out, but got interrupted by vacation

January-Continued a little bit, but not much improvement

February-Learned something new

March-Current-Failed to continue learning new things

As I look around at my fellow classmates some were like me, but some actually worked on something amazing the entire year. The reason for that, I believe, is that they were passionate about their projects. I can guarantee that their blogs received more visits then mine because the month I was most active on my blog, is the month I received the most views. The advice I have for students that may be doing this next year is to make sure your passionate about your project, the people that were passionate did the best job.

Monday, April 20, 2015

With the end of the year approaching it's time for me to make some decisions. One of the requirements for the 20 Time project this year is to give a presentation or speech on what you have learned this year while working on your project. I can stop my project now and proceed to work on my speech that I have to give or continue to work on and put working on the speech aside for just a little bit longer. This also gives me the opportunity to look back and reflect upon my blog and my ideas. I think that I have some pretty good ideas on the topic for my presentation and feel kind of nervous about the speech. For now I think that I'll try to continue my work on this project and to brainstorm on my speech.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Since the month of February is over I've got to move on from one idea to another. Over February I was able to struggle my way through and get a few pedals on the unicycle. It was a very slow progression from just trying to get on it, to gaining my balance, to actually moving. I was able to achieve my goal this month but I want to tune up and try to perfect riding it before moving on to the next idea for the month of March. So for the next two to three days I'll have to finish up with the unicycle and brainstorm for a new and quality idea and then it's of to the races with my new idea. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

After searching the internet for countless videos on how to unicycle I finally found a few that were actually worth watching. In most of them they breakdown the basics and explain that you have to go backwards before you can go forwards, easier said then done. Right now I'm still struggling my way through trying to gain my balance and then try pedaling. What makes this feat even harder is that they suggest to try this while gripping a fence or something, and since the weather outside is 15 or below almost everyday I have retreated to my basement. This is another issue because I have limited space and I don't really have anything to grab onto. These are just speed bumps and my goal is to get a few pedals in before the end of the week.

Friday, February 6, 2015

New month, new idea. For this month I think that I will try to learn how to ride a unicycle. Part of the reason I decided to do this is because I've kind of run dry on ideas and partly because a friend recommend it. I've read online that it only takes 15 hours to learn how to ride one so it fits right in with my project. Hopefully it will be like learning to ride a bike and the hardest part will be getting the balance down. I will start today and try to work on it almost everyday. I am very to get started on a new month and idea and can't wait to start.

Friday, January 16, 2015

It turns out that juggling is A LOT harder than I had expected. I'm making progress but for something that looks so simple and effortless it's very frustrating to learn. I've been trying multiple techniques on how to learn it. The amount of time that it takes to just learn the basics is just time consuming and a lot of trial and error and failing. The most important part of this process is just to keep going the worst part is that I'm running close on the time limit of twenty hours so that means I might fail for this month which is fine and all apart of the learning process.
I've been absent from this blog for a very long time. Part of the reason for this would be our two week break that took place from around Christmas time to New Years. I thought that I would have plenty of time to practice over break but little did I know I would be moving nonstop. I flew into Tampa, saw family, traveled back to my Grandparents, stayed around there for a few days, traveled down to the keys, got sick, traveled back to my Grandparents, and then left for Michigan. So over that period of time I had very little time to practice. After all of these events I've decided to cut into the month of January for some additional hours for juggling. 

After my 20 hours are up for this month I'm at crossroads of what to learn next. There's a lot I would want to try and learn. The hardest part is coming up with the idea of what to do next and I really need something challenging and fun.