Friday, January 16, 2015

It turns out that juggling is A LOT harder than I had expected. I'm making progress but for something that looks so simple and effortless it's very frustrating to learn. I've been trying multiple techniques on how to learn it. The amount of time that it takes to just learn the basics is just time consuming and a lot of trial and error and failing. The most important part of this process is just to keep going the worst part is that I'm running close on the time limit of twenty hours so that means I might fail for this month which is fine and all apart of the learning process.
I've been absent from this blog for a very long time. Part of the reason for this would be our two week break that took place from around Christmas time to New Years. I thought that I would have plenty of time to practice over break but little did I know I would be moving nonstop. I flew into Tampa, saw family, traveled back to my Grandparents, stayed around there for a few days, traveled down to the keys, got sick, traveled back to my Grandparents, and then left for Michigan. So over that period of time I had very little time to practice. After all of these events I've decided to cut into the month of January for some additional hours for juggling. 

After my 20 hours are up for this month I'm at crossroads of what to learn next. There's a lot I would want to try and learn. The hardest part is coming up with the idea of what to do next and I really need something challenging and fun.