Monday, May 11, 2015

Reflection Blog Post

20 Time was definitely a new experience. I have never had a class where an entire day in class is devoted to doing what ever you feel is important. That is very dependent on yourself and self-motivation. That was the problem with this project. I don't think that I did enough with this project this year to say I had a great experience. I feel like I blew an opportunity to really done something amazing or tried to do something new. Part of the reason for this was I never came up with a really good idea. It took me about a month over the limit to come up with an idea. I don't think I ever really took it seriously , and my enthusiasm never really grew. I'm going to go month by month and list what I actually did over the year.

September-Started to think about an idea

October-Continued to think about that idea

November-Still nothing

December-Thought of an idea and tried it out, but got interrupted by vacation

January-Continued a little bit, but not much improvement

February-Learned something new

March-Current-Failed to continue learning new things

As I look around at my fellow classmates some were like me, but some actually worked on something amazing the entire year. The reason for that, I believe, is that they were passionate about their projects. I can guarantee that their blogs received more visits then mine because the month I was most active on my blog, is the month I received the most views. The advice I have for students that may be doing this next year is to make sure your passionate about your project, the people that were passionate did the best job.